Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zanderology: This film is an illustrated documentary about Zander Keig, a trans man who was born dead, paralyzed at age six, put in a mental hospital as a teen, was in a Mexican gang, joined the military, became an undercover drug officer, obtained three graduate degrees and is now a social worker for homeless veterans. Zanderology goes beyond telling people that it gets better and humorously explains how one person changed their life in almost every way possible. (Filmmaker: Megan Rohrer, 2014, TRT: 41:42).

See Zanderology at the Grace Film Festival
  •  San Francisco, CA: January 30, 2015 Location: Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, 3201 Ulloa St, San Francisco, CA
Previous Screenings:
  • Long Beach, CA: Dates: October 3 & 4; Location: Cultural Alliance Long Beach (CALB), Long Beach, CA.
  • Philadelphia, PA: Dates: October 4 & 5Location: The Rotunda in Philadelphia, PA. 
  • Omaha, NE: Date: October, 19; Location: Joslyn Art Museum, Abbott Lecture Hall, Omaha, NE. 
  • Minneapolis, MN: Dates: Sept 19 & 20; Location: Regis Center for Art (Influx), Minneapolis, MN. 
  • Durham, NC: Dates: September, 19 & 20; Location: North Carolina Central University, Micheaux School of Education, Durham, NC.   

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